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English Summer Time Reading – Giugno e Luglio 2017
  SUMMER TIME READING 2017 5 sessions of 1.5 hours to read , chat and speak English together ! A summer reading club to share, listen and enjoy chatting about the book together. Iscriviti entro il 31 Maggio e per te il libro è gratis!!   A1  starter level (Word count 1,600)   “New...
Aperitif Time? No, English Time! Venerdì 11 Dicembre ore 19 – 20
MOVING       If you had to move to another country for work, where would you want to go? Why? What would you miss most about Italy? What wouldn’t you miss?   Aperitif time with Michael!
Aperitif Time – 27 febbraio 2009
“DESIGN” How important is design in our life? Are aesthetics important form or function? Aperitif Time with Joe