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Aperitif time? No, English Time! Lunedì 29 Maggio 2017 ore 19-20
Speaking English publicly     What are the most common challenges you face when speaking English to other people? Do you get anxious and embarrassed? How can we overcome these feelings? Come, listen and share some tips on how to boost our confidence.   Let’s talk about it with Maria...
Aperitif time? No, English Time! Mercoledì 24 Maggio 2017 ore 19-20
Are you a punctual person?   “Punctuality is the virtue of the bored” Evelyn Waugh “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late” William Shakespeare   Which of these quotations do you agree with? Are you always on time or are you often late?   Let’s talk...
Aperitif time? No, English Time! Martedì 16 Maggio 2017 ore 19-20
TRICKS AND TIPS TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE!       Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a polyglot? Or are you struggling to learn one language? Come and chat about the tricks and tips you use for learning languages.   Let’s find it out with Maria!  
English Summer Conversation – Giugno e Luglio 2017
Keep your English in good shape!    Per tutti coloro che vogliono mantenere in allenamento la lingua Inglese durante l’estate.  Compra un pacchetto di 3 incontri  ed il 4° incontro te lo regaliamo! Prenota già le tue date oppure scegli il tuo incontro di volta in volta!   Ecco il calendario...
Aperitif time? No, English time! Martedì 9 Maggio 2017 ore 19-20
Can weather change your mood or affect your health?   It is officially spring time! The sun is out, the fog is gone, and everyone has started smiling more! Come join me and let’s talk about the effect weather has on our lives.   Come and let’s talk about it with Monica!    
Aperitif time? No, English time! Venerdì 28 Aprile 2017 ore 19-20
A Cup of Conversation   Come out to practice your casual conversation skills for a chance to apply everything you’ve learned / studied in the classroom or at home. We will be speaking using a variety of verb tenses and grammar concepts. Every level is welcome!   Aperitif time with...
Aperitif time? No, English Time! Giovedì 6 Aprile 2017 ore 19-20
Are you a risk taker? An adrenaline junkie? A calculated decision maker?       Everyone has a different attitude toward risks. Some people are risk-oriented while some are risk-adverse. Come join me and let’s dive into the importance of risk taking when learning a new language.     Let’s...
Hallo! Movies Mercoledì 15 Marzo 2017 ore 19-21
The Iron Lady (2011) Margaret Thatcher, also known as The Iron Lady, was the first female British Prime Minister. One of the strongest women of all time is played by the very talented Meryl Streep.   Find out on Wednesday at 19:00 with Maria Grazia!  
Aperitif time? No, English time! Martedì 28 Febbraio 2017 ore 19-20
IDOLS AND MODELS   Who are our idols/role models today? Who do we look up to and how do we set our standards? Is it our parents? Favorite authors? A political leader or simply a close friend?  Do they still exist today or does this generation  no longer need or want them?     Let’s...
Aperitif time? No, English Time! Martedì 7 Febbraio 2017
“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Mark Twain   Do you think it’s always better to tell the truth, or is it sometimes better not to be absolutely honest?     Come and let’s talk about it with Judith!