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English Summer Time Reading  – Giugno e Luglio 2017

English Summer Time Reading – Giugno e Luglio 2017



5 sessions of 1.5 hours to read , chat and speak English together !

A summer reading club to share, listen and enjoy chatting about the book together.

Iscriviti entro il 31 Maggio e per te il libro è gratis!!


A1  starter level (Word count 1,600)


“New York Cafè” by Michael Dean It is the year 2030, and an email message arrives at New York Café:’I want to help people and make them happy!’ But not everybody is happy about the email, and soon the police and the President are very interested in the New York Café.


A1-A2  level 1 (Word count 6,063)

“Shirley Homes and The Cyber Thief” by Jennifer Bassett – Shirley Homes, private investigator. Like Sherlock Holmes a hundred years ago, she lives in London, enjoys working on difficult cases, and has some helpful friends. She understands people, is a good listener, and of course, she is clever with computers. In today’s world that is important, because a lot of crime is cyber crime. In this second Shirley Homes detective story, Shirley must catch a cyber thief. But how? You can’t see a cyber thief, you can’t hear a cyber thief. Only the computer knows, and the computer isn’t talking…


A2-B1 level 2   (Word count 5,895)

“New Yorkers” – short stories  Henry retold by Diane Mowat – A housewife, a tramp, a lawyer, a waitress, an actress – ordinary people living ordinary lives in New York at the beginning of the twentieth century. The city has changed greatly since that time, but its people are much the same. Some are rich, some are poor, some are happy, some are sad, some have found love, some are looking for love. O. Henry’s famous short stories – sensitive, funny, sympathetic – give us vivid pictures of the everyday lives of these New Yorkers


B1 level 3  (Word count 10,645)

“Formula One” by Alex Raynham – It’s an exciting life – full of fast cars, money, and travel. The names of Formula One champions are known all over the world. And everywhere young drivers dream of success one day in Monaco, Melbourne, Monza… But it is a difficult life too. Drivers need strong bodies – and minds. They need to think quickly, drive hard, and sometimes look death in the face. This is the dangerous, exciting world of Formula One – where the world’s best drivers have only seconds to win or lose a race.



B1-B2 level 4 (Word count 15,580)

Desert, mountain and Sea true stories by Sue Leather. Three different parts of the world, but all of them dangerous, lonely places. Three different women, but all of them determined to go – and to come back alive! Robyn Davidson walked nearly 3,000 kilometres across the Australian desert – with a dog and four camels. Arlene Blum led a team of ten women to the top of Annapurna – one of the highest mountains in the world. Only eight came down again. Naomi James sailed around the world alone, on a journey lasting more than 250 days.


  • In gruppi  da minimo 3 partecipanti.
  • Pacchetto di 5 incontri da 1,5 h da svolgersi nei mesi di Giugno e Luglio 2017.
  • Costo a partecipante per totale pacchetto: 120 € (incluso IVA).
  • Frequenza: 1 incontro a settimana nei giorni da lunedì a venerdì dalle 18.30/19.00 alle 20.00/20.30.
  • Sede di svolgimento: presso la nostra sede in Borgo Panigale – Bologna.

Per iscriversi invia mail a: [email protected] oppure chiamaci allo 051/406363.